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Products you and the Earth can Trust!
We specialize in environmentally conscious products that are of premium quality while being sustainably sourced and manufactured.
From all-natural cork and organic rubber yoga mats to bamboo and recycled bedding and pillows, and so many things in between. Our products are designed for you, the Earth, and Seven generations to come.

  • Welcome Great Earth's.

  • Making our world the difference with products You and the EARTH can TRUST
  • Soft & Fluffy Comfort

  • The Comforter is like being wrapped in a warm, dense cloud. Made with fall and winter in mind, this is the perfect comforter for the snowy winter day.

Welcome Great Earth's.

Making our world the difference with products You and the EARTH can TRUST

Soft & Fluffy Comfort

The Comforter is like being wrapped in a warm, dense cloud. Made with fall and winter in mind, this is the perfect comforter for the snowy winter day.

Great Collection for providing you Comfort:


Love This Comforter!

The quality of this comforter is outstanding. I love the feel of this beautiful comforter and it is so comfortable to sleep under. It is so puffy and definitely gives that hotel vibe. It drapes my bed perfectly as well. It has kept me warm during this cold weather. I highly recommend Great Earth's ECO-Comforter because of the outstanding quality and it's hotel vibe.


YR from Texas

Don't be fooled, this is pretty incredible!

At first sight, this looked like it didn’t have enough foam but after I put in all the extra foam wow it's amazing!

Just make sure you allow time for the foam to expand. It took about an a hour to fully expand. Once it’s expanded this is incredibly soft and comfortable. It’s one of the best pillows I own and will be buying more for the rest of the family!



Sleep on this mattress topper and wake up on the right side of the bed.

I’ve spent a few nights sleeping on this mattress topper and I’m really liking it. It is thick and pillowy soft, but not so thick or soft that you lose the support from your mattress. I love that it is produced from recycled materials that won’t off-gas harmful vapors. After all, who wants to breathe in toxins all night long. It also has a elasticized “skirt” around the entire topper, making it easy to put over your mattress and secure it in place. That is a much better design solution than just having straps at the corner, which inevitably stretch or break and allow the topper to slip.

The price, at the time of writing this review, is a solid value. It is comparable in price to a good mattress pad, but it is much more of a pillow-top than a pad. It does have a bit of a “new” scent (like everything) when you take it out of its vacuum-sealed cocoon. So you might want to air it out for a day or so before you put it on your bed (husband noticed it but I didn’t). And then you’ll sleep the night away with dreams of floating on a cloud.....


Northwest Designer

Soft and squishy! ☁

Seeing that I've slept with a flat comforter for years (often needing the thermal support of a thinner throw blanket), I knew it was time for a change. That is when I chose this eco-friendly comforter that is machine washable and promises "green luxury that does not cost the Earth."

The comforter was very neatly vacuum-packed in the box and it was able to fluff out in seconds (unlike memory foam products). In the embed video, I show how soft and squishy the comforter is. Since a comforter cover is not included, I now need to get my hands on a durable one or else to prevent this comforter from getting dirty and thus lasting longer!



Adjustable to Your Taste!

I LOVE this memory foam pillow! It's unlike any I've had before and here's why: You can add or remove the stuffing.

Normally you can't do this since the foam is basically one big brick, but with this one, the foam is shredded and packed into a zippered case. If you want it more cushy you can remove some. If you want it more firm the pillow comes with a bag of extra filling.

It also comes with very friendly directions giving you some suggestions on how full you may want it depending on how you sleep. (It comes all set for side sleepers.)

In fact, my husband likes his so much that he now takes it with him on vacation- which he's never done before. I think that's a good sign :)


E. Braun

Cushiony Mattress Topper

I absolutely love this Great Earth ECO mattress topper. My guest room queen size bed is memory foam. The mattress has always been just a little too firm for me. I put this mattress topper on a few days ago and it is nice and thick. Tonight I went up just to take a little nap and that topper made all the difference. So comfortable I dozed off and slept for several hours. Really made a huge difference. Well made and very comfortable.




This is the best comforter I have EVER owned!
It is perfect for any season.
There is a slight weight to it.
It is easy to wash & hang dry.
It gives you a very relaxing sensation.
It is crisp, cozy & luxurious.

Wonderful stitch work.
Top quality material.
Easy on those with allergies.
Keeps you warm but not overly heated.


Sweet Reviews

Slept the whole night through!

This company is amazing! What an awesome product! Pillow arrived super fast! Came two days after placing order. Pillow arrived very well packaged. Just needed to open box, throw pillow in dryer and wow!!! Pillow filled right up. I'm not kidding when I say this pillow is amazing! I used it last night. Fell asleep and didn't wake up until morning. I can't remember the last time I fell asleep and didn't wake up. I was also surprised to see that the sheets and blankets were not moved as much. I'm guessing I didn't toss and turn either! I'm stoked about this pillow! Thanks!


Marcus B

Substantial softness

Well I really like what this brand is doing with recycling plastic bottles and I'm really happy I tried this topper.
It seems like it is made in the same way high end wool toppers are made - focus on dense squish rather than a lot of big loft which looks impressive but immediately flattens out after a few nights.

The topper is breathable, I haven't had any issues with overheating.

This topper adds just enough softness to make my firm latex mattress feel more like a pillow top. And the price is fantastic compared to wool or latex. This is the best poly fiber topper I've found.

This came in a vacuum sealed bag that I'm reusing as a garbage liner and a cardboard box.


Valued Customer



This comforter is designed to last. The microfiber stuffing is rated for over 1000 washings. What is even better, these same fibers soften and are "reset" with each use bring a new life every time you clean


Our lightweight recycled microfiber is designed to be more breathable than traditional down and meets the OEKO-TEX standard 100 and is hypoallergenic. This helps wick away moisture and eliminates odors while preserving the body’s natural temperature.


Our fully adjustable pillow allows you to enjoy gentle yet sturdy support in all sleeping positions - simply customize the amount of fill inside to achieve the most comfortable level of support to sleep on your back, side, or stomach.

Great Earth's FLUFFY & SOFT ECO-Comforter

Great Earth's Premium Mattress Topper

Our ECO-Topper helps you get all the deep rest you need to kick-start your day! It is designed to provide the proper back, neck, spinal alignment. Further, our topper is easy to clean and helps protect against hidden germs, dust, mites, pollens, pet dander, some allergens, and irritants.

Great Earth's Adjustable Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow